Almost done with the 1st month of 2021!

How is your 2021 going? I hope it has been safe and successful so far.

UPDATE : Arizona passed legalization for recreational and now dispensaries are opening up to the public. Now we need sufficient testing to go along with all these positive changes in the cannabis industry.

I am working a new job and I moved into a new apartment. Seems like after a couple months, I feel like I am back into my pre-covid unemployment routine (with the only difference being I work Tues-Sat). Overall, I am beyond grateful for my circumstances.

& I was blessed to have so many of you support my CaliforniaBudz Tshirt line while I was struggling without income. Means the absolute world to me and I feel lucky to still have orders coming my way.

Anyway just wanted to touch base! I hope you all continue to enjoy this new year 🎉