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Disabled for the ....(I lost count)😭

Hey All!

Woke up yesterday morning to my main @california_budz blog being disabled. This is all too familiar. I wonder what got up Instagram's butt this time. My honest opinion is that I was gaining too much engagement and they don't like when you don't pay to be seen. I have a lot of organic growth (over 100k in a few days). 

I just can't believe we are here again...

Luckily this is happens so frequently that I don't stress myself out too much anymore. Yeah it is my hard work and efforts being deleted like nothing. However, I value so much more than what the app can provide. I value every single person who still reaches out to me, wondering where I am, and what happened to my page. I value the friendships I have created and truly realize it can't go away as easily as Instagram would like.

I took a day to myself yesterday to mull things over, but that only gave me more fire under my butt to want to get right back into my social media routine!!!

- Erica 'CaliforniaBudz' 

"Stay Lifted"

Pic below is my error screen for my disabled page >

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