Disabled on Instagram for the 6th time

Every few months, it feels like Instagram has a vengeance it must feed. This attention is unfairly placed on anyone who is in the cannabis community due to the Federal Laws(since marijuana is still technically a Schedule 1). Even though, we have numerous states that have passed overall and/or medical legalization. So where do we stand? We are legal patients and don't want to be censored over living out our lifestyles.

Did you know you can post plenty of other content and not be even flagged? I see countless videos/pictures of barely covered women twerking and music stars promoting hardcore chemical substances.

Gonna start posting on my YouTube + The WeedTube here this week. Would have loved to shared with my main Instagram but who knows if I'll ever get it back again. Last time it was over 5 months....

I'll keep you posted. Until then, message me here (on my website). Follow my backup page @CaliforniaBudz_2 + lifestyle page @ElevatedErica ~ Much Love & Stay Lifted - Erica

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