Disabled for the 3rd time...

When will we have freedom of speech on social media? When will we be seen as just a normal user without having to worry about discrimination.

I was disabled on my main blog, @California_Budz, for the third time. Only had my page active for a week and then out of the blue, I was given the "error" message. I found it very strange and not just a coincidence that my blog on Instagram was reinstated and taken down in less than a weeks time. I am not the only blogger facing these shutdowns and censorship. It is sad how much Instagram gets away with deleting anything to do with cannabis, but yet will allow numerous active pages that promote unhealthy habits, like alcohol and pill popping, violence/nudity, and literal drug dealing. I am currently using my backup page, @CaliforniaBudz_2 and my two other backups. FIND ME THERE!

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