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HOLY COW! I never believed in a million years I would get my blog back (@California_Budz). I had worked daily for over 2 years and was beyond words when my hard work had been taken from me without any warning or reasoning. I was lucky enough to find some links that were NOT EASY to locate at all. Instagram made sure it's difficult to contact them when you have any issues or reports. I filled my information in and submitted the forms for deactivated pages almost daily when I had found out my blog was disabled for "violating terms". HERE ARE THOSE LINKS AS I FEEL IT SHOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR USERS TO FIND EASILY ->> , ....SOO now I have a backup page (@Californiabudz_2) for any future issues on IG plus this personal webpage/other social media platforms. I'm ecstatic to be back in action and have all my hardworking back. Thank you all for the support & I'm looking forward to what the future holds!! <3

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