I noticed over the holidays/end of the year, I gained more weight than I was aware of. Heck, more weight than I was comfortable with. I put on 15lbs. NOW I'm not going to sulk and pity myself. I'm going to do something about it! I need to get this excess fat turned into muscle. As well as, I do need to step away from the unhealthy diet that has enabled my poor form too. WE WILL TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME, choosing healthier options and more activities.

I am giving myself until my birthday, which is March 14th (to get a timeframe/deadline going).


- E ❤

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With it being November already, my mind has been focusing on making sure I have accomplished any of my goals for the year. Such as building strength in my body, cleaner eating, pushing away unhealthy relationships, leaving my expectations behind me, calming my anxiety(selfharm habits), etc the list could go on... I know we always feel like we could do better or more, but we really should learn to appreciate the hard work we have given during the year. Most goals are NOT AN OVERNIGHT PROCESS!

Q: What are some goals you can point out that you are proud of yourself for working towards/achieving this year?

We still have time to continue our efforts. The end of the year is a month and a half away, plenty opportunity is possible!!!

♥️ Stay Lifted & Much Love,

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